In ENTRY, a small doorway decorated with ceramic flowers in Fadiya Chok, Dhal Ni Pol, becomes the catalyst for a series of playful yet intimate encounters. Through it we witness the everyday aesthetics of this part of Ahmedebad’s old city: a mother gently oiling the hair of the child, a group of children spontaneously breaking into a garba, a trademark cycle decorated with garlands.

ENTRY was made as part of The Pol Project, a MIRIAD/A Fine Line initiative which set out to combine the knowledge of UK and Indian makers and researchers in order to examine issues of sustainability in traditional urban spaces and communities. During a four week long residency at Arts Reverie in Dhal ni Pol, Ahmedebad, Amanda Ravetz, Stephen Dixon, CJ O’Neill, Palak Chitaliya and Lokesh Ghai ran ceramics and drawing workshops for residents and carried out art-based research in the neighbourhood. The film ENTRY was featured in the Ahmedabad International Arts Festival (October 29-31 2010) alongside artwork by Stephen Dixon and Cj O Neill

Review the project blog at: thepolproject.blogspot.com

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